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The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog

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Annie's Love 4 Paws

Mission Statement

My organization is going to help improve the lives of dogs. From donating needed supplies to animal shelters, to providing dog food for homeless people with dogs, and everything in between. Donations are gladly accepted!  :) 

A shelter dogs story 

Poem that I wrote 

They say I'm cute and really small,

They say that I'm not bad at all.

"Forever will you be our friend," 

They say over and over again. 

Slowly as I'm growing up,

I'm acting more like a crazy pup.

​Chewing things left and right,

Our house was an unbearable sight.

My owners try to contain me,

But easily I always get free.

"Lock him up very tight!"

Is how they make me spend the night.

As years go by I will confess,

I always seem to make a mess.

"Crate!" They scream very loud.

Something tells me I shouldn't be proud.

A nine year old is what I am,

​Quickly reaching the age of ten. 

I still need walks and food to eat,

And sometimes an occasional treat.

My family said, "I think its time."

They moved away and left me behind.

Now I'm at the shelter in a cage,

And people seem to think I'm too old of age. 

I want someone who I can share,

The rest of my life with. So I say a prayer:

"Please come soon, you wont regret. 

I can be good."...... They haven't come yet.

My days are numbered, I'll be gone soon.

I just need an owner whom,

Will accept me for me.

Somewhere my soul can be set free.

-Annie Fowler