-October 2015, I donated $250 to the Colville Animal Sanctuary. Because of the wild fires in Eastern Washington, there was a greater amount of homeless pets in the shelters. I got about $150 in donations specifically for that and I donated the other $100 from my account. 

November 2018- I donated $100 to sponsor Abby- a black lab, through Old Dog Haven. 

-February 2015 FirstMate Pet Foods donated 50 pounds of food to my cause! Thank you for your support!

-January 2015 I donated 200 Puppy Training Pads to the Everett Animal Shelter. I was able to purchase the pads through donations and pillow sales.

-February 2018, I donated dog food and a fleece dog sweater that I sewed myself to the Everett Animal Shelter. 

-March 2015 North Middle School

Jr. Honor Society held a dog food drive to donate food to my organization. I will be donating this food to the Everett Food Bank very soon. Thank u so much to everyone that helps support my cause.

Projects I've done 

  -May 2014 I started volunteering at the Everett Animal Shelter as a dog walker. I also used money I earned from making pillows to donate $80 to them. I used helpful donations to buy the pillow fabric.

   -July 2014 I went to Seattle to give homeless people with dogs, dog food. It really made me smile knowing that dog would be able to eat dinner that night. I raised the money by sewing pillows and making dog treats for a garage sale. I also used helpful donations.

-November 2014 I sold homemade pillows at First Presbeteryian Church in Everett for this organization, it was a huge success and thanks to everyone who helped and donated time and money :)

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